Is there any harm to engine when using electronic throttle controller
Release date: Mar 16,2023

Potent booster electronic throttle controller is also called accelerator. It usually has output values that are within the approved engine power. It won't do any harm to the car.

Why your car needs to be installed?

Electronic throttle valve is widely used in cars now, but electronic throttle valve has a disadvantage is the throttle valve slow response, throttle idle speed and some other problems. In some cases, such as climbing, a strong sense of stupor will occur, and even lead to the sudden forward movement of the vehicle. Electronic throttle does not limit the engine output, just to meet the needs of intelligent efficiency, because not everyone will feel the throttle slow.

Why don't car manufacturers just install or produce?

In fact, this problem is very easy to understand, car manufacturers will consider the user feeling based on big data and production. The preferences of everybody is different, some people like the car power strong, some like fuel economy, some like chassis low or high, and so on, something impossible to let all people like, electronic throttle accelerator is not exceptional also, only people who like to play cars with throttle delay to installation. Now some high-end cars will also come with a variety of car driving mode, the principle is similar to the accelerator.

No harm to your loved car

Electronic throttle controller makes accelerator pedal more responsive and faster to start. Electronic throttle accelerator is not an active signal equipment, but a passive receiving signals and then transfer out of the equipment, does not destroy any of the original car line. If the equipment is broken, no power, it is equivalent to a physical adapter, the car will only turn to the original car mode, will not cause load on the car, can be said to be zero damage to the car, commonly used throttle controller can also reduce the engine carbon deposition. Now the accelerator is more intelligent, faster or slower, all depend on you. No matter what kind of road conditions can cope with. The installation also does not destroy the car. It can be installed without any tools and can be done in 10 minutes, plug and play.


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