How to eliminate electronic throttle delay
Release date: Mar 16,2023

Why the throttle delays

Now the relatively new car models generally use electronic throttle. Electronic throttle vehicles are generally appearing in the throttle lag problem, because of environmental protection, economy, reliability and other reasons. Traditionally, the accelerator pedal is directly connected to the throttle with a thin steel cable. The depth of the accelerator pedal directly corresponds to the opening and closing of the throttle. The electronic throttle has no cable. By installing a potentiometer (variable resistance) in the pedal, the depth of the accelerator pedal is converted into the resistance value. The ECU of the car determines the depth of the accelerator pedal indirectly through sampling the resistance value. Electronic throttle is characterized by the fact that the accelerator pedal only represents the driver's intention to operate, and the final throttle control is given to the ECU.

How does Potent Booster electronic throttle controller remove the lag?

(1) Accelerate throttle opening to enhance static response Potent Booster is mainly achieved by enhancing the throttle response sensitivity. When the system detects that the driver is willing to accelerate, the throttle is driven by the circuit to open as quickly as possible, thus enhancing the sensitivity of throttle response. But the Potent Booster electronic controller does not reduce the grading of accelerator pedal signals, as many have claimed. In fact, accelerator pedal signals remain step less.

(2) Amplifying throttle signal speed and improving dynamic response When the accelerator pedal is pressed, the accelerator will calculate the rate of change of accelerator signal according to the pedal amplitude and time. The faster the change, the stronger the acceleration requirement will be, and the electronic accelerator will increase the rate of change, ultimately achieving better acceleration dynamic response.

(3) Provide false driving style for ECU to adjust engine parameters The ECU of modern engines generally has the ability to adapt to the driving style. If the driver often puts a fast and deep foot on the accelerator (commonly known as pull speed), the ECU will gradually think that the style of the driver tends to be "fierce". In this way, the engine will slowly adjust the throttle and fuel injection system to get the best adjustment parameters of the engine in this style. After long-term use of the Potent Booster electronic throttle controller, the engine will still get a "fierce" driving experience even if driving according to the previous "mild" driving style, which is equivalent to adjusting the ECU parameters. Over time, the engine will automatically modify its parameters to adapt to the style.


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