How is the TROS IT better than other Throttle Controllers on the market?

Understanding the smart tech in our gear is to understand why so many people upgrade to a HIKE IT from competitor products.

HIKE IT Throttle Controllers have more features, better performance and more settings, as well as a lifetime replacement warranty.

All TROS IT controllers utilize a powerful 32BIT ARM Core MCU Processor. This is particularly important in AUTO IQ mode (X9 and XS models only).

The power of the CPU plays an important role in seamlessly selecting the correct mode, as you drive; which is why HIKE IT incorporates a 32BIT CPU. A slower 16BIT CPU will aggressively jump between ECO and performance mode and the result is usually so jerky and uncomfortable that you won’t use it.

As with the TROS IT X9 and XS, the processor power coupled with our state-of-the-art software engineering and 40 driver settings make the Auto IQ Mode on the HIKE IT extremely comfortable, more responsive, and incredibly useful in accessing power when you need it or engaging a more delayed response when required in order to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, HIKE IT models have more pre-defined driving modes, an anti-theft mode which will lock the pedal with a password, auto light dimming and a clever overtake function (X9 and XS only) which lets you press a button to spring into the most responsive setting when you need the extra grunt.

Will fitting a HIKE IT Throttle Controller affect my insurance?

As with fitting any aftermarket accessory, it is strongly recommended that you advise your insurer of any modification(s) made to your vehicle.


TROS throttle controller is a high quality, dual chipset, plug and play installation for almost vehicles, that provides you with absolute control your vehicle throttle response. TROS helps reduce throttle lag and increase throttle response –more power and faster

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