Throttle controller has a big advantage
Release date: Feb 16,2022


The throttle valve is a controllable valve that controls the entry of air into the engine. After the gas enters the intake pipe, it will be mixed with gasoline to form a combustible mixture, which will burn and do work. It is connected to the air filter on the top and the engine block on the bottom, which is called the throat of the car engine. There are two types of throttle valve: traditional cable type and electronic throttle valve. The traditional engine throttle valve operating mechanism works through a cable (soft steel wire) or a pull rod, one end is connected to the accelerator pedal, and the other end is connected to the throttle valve linkage plate. The electronic throttle valve mainly controls the opening angle of the throttle valve according to the energy required by the engine through the throttle valve position sensor, thereby adjusting the size of the intake air volume.   The throttle controller has obvious advantages, and the advantages of the throttle controller are: (1) Accelerating the opening of the throttle valve and improving the static response are mainly achieved by improving the sensitivity of the throttle valve response. When the system finds that the driver has the desire to accelerate, it will drive the throttle valve to open as quickly as possible through the circuit, which makes the throttle response sensitive. degree has been improved. But POTENTBOOSTER does not reduce the grading of the accelerator pedal signal as many people say, in fact, the accelerator pedal signal is still infinitely adjusted. (2) The throttle controller has great advantages, amplifies the acceleration of the accelerator signal, and improves the dynamic response. When the accelerator pedal is depressed, the accelerator will calculate the rate of change of the accelerator signal according to the depression amplitude and time. The faster the change, the faster the acceleration requirement. The stronger it is, the POTENTBOOSTER will increase the rate of change, and the final effect is that the speed-up dynamic response is better.


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