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Installation guide 


1. When installing. make sure that the directions of each plug are correct and pins in socket are all well.

2. If you have keyless Entry. keep your Key 20 meters away from the vehicle during installation.

3. After installation. please start the engine while either in the Neutral (N) or park(P)gear.

4. If the plug has been installed incorrectly. it may cause your vehicle engine warning light on. Product has an internal protection circuit which will prevent harm to your vehicle and product. If this happens. please switch off the engine and wait 15 minutes then install in correct way.


1. Let your vehicle power down for 15 minutes.

2. Unplug the original gas pedal connector.

3. Insert throttle controller adaptor into gas pedal socket.

4. Insert gas pedal adapter into throttle controller socket.

5. Tuck the cable away so it does not affect your driving.

6. Stick the display unit on the dashboard. clean the dashboard before stick.

7. Plug the cable into the display and enjoy your driving.


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