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1. Why my car need to install electronic throttle controller?

  After install, it can remove throttle response delay, speed up quickly, reduce engine carbon.

2. Will it have bad consequences for the car?

 POTENT BOOSTER does not change the oil circuit and circuit of the vehicle and therefore does not affect the vehicle.

3. Will it affect ECU?

  No, won’t affect, because potent booster not change any circuit of your vehicle. 

4. How can you ensure product quality and stable?

Use dual chipsets, 32 bits operation system; In strict accordance with the ISO9000 standard quality system requirements; All products have passed the inspection of China Quality Inspection Center and the certification of FCC, EU CE, ROHS, etc. 

5. Can i install by myself?

  Yes, it is plug and play. 

6. What about the warranty?

  One year warranty. 

7. What kind of vehicles can install POTEN BOOSTER?

  POTENT BOOSTER is a kind of intelligent modified parts used to solve the electronic throttle lag, suitable for vehicles with electronic throttle. 

8. Should automatic car use half acceleration?

  No, if you like strong throttle response, you can use F3 racing mode. 

9. After install POTENT BOOSTER throttle controller, will it increase the fuel consumption?

 Both normal mode and ECO mode won’t increase fuel consumption. Comfort mode, Sport mode, Race mode will increase within 2-10%. 

10. My car is electronic throttle, and i have already modified the computer, is it necessary to install POTENT BOOSTER? will it still have effect?

  Yes, throttle controller doesn’t involve any oil line and circuit, it is invisible to the original car, so the effect will be the same whether you modified the computer or not.

11. Whether automatic car can only be set in automatic mode?

 No, when automatic car is set in manual mode, the speed up effect will be better, but it will also be more difficult to shift gear. Therefore, setting automatic mode for automatic car will be easier for you to shit gear, meanwhile, more comfortable and fuel efficient. 

12, Can I install your TROS potent booster on my Diesel vehicle?

Yes, our throttle controller can install on Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid vehicles. 

13, Can I controller your throttle controller while I am driving or accelerating?

Yes, but we strongly suggest you only change modes while your vehicle is stationary. 

14, Can your throttle controller damage my clutch?

No, because the clutch only works when the vehicle starts to move and to shift gears, at which time the accelerator is not active. 

15, Does your Potent booster increase horse power?

No, throttle controller only improves your throttle response, can’t increase horse power. 

16, Throttle controller is universal or specific?

It is specific.


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